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Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme

1. What is the energy rating system?

In order to help consumers better identify the more energy efficient models and spur suppliers to offer more efficient products, the energy rating system for air-conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers was revised on 1 September 2014. 

For more information on the tick rating system, please refer to this link.

2. What are the requirements under the Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme? 

The Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme requirements are as follows:
  • Anyone who supplies registrable goods in Singapore must be registered with NEA;
  • All registrable goods supplied in Singapore must be registered with NEA and affixed with the energy label.

3. What is the definition of registrable goods?

Registrable goods are defined under the Energy Conservation (Registrable Goods) Order. The definitions can be found in the following link.

4. How does a supplier apply to register himself/herself as a registered supplier and to register his/her registrable goods with NEA?

Both the application for the registration as a registered supplier, and application for the registration of registrable goods must be made online through the Energy Labelling Scheme (ELS) Online Portal.


5. Can registered suppliers appoint a third party to register their registrable goods on their behalf?

For such a case, a Letter of Authorization from the registered supplier is to be submitted by the third party representative at the point of registration. The Letter of Authorization may be downloaded here.

6. Does the registration as a registered supplier/ registrable goods have a validity period?

There is no validity period for the registration as a registered supplier. For registered goods, the registration is valid for three (3) years and is renewable.

7. Where can I search for registered goods?

You can search for registered goods here

Mandatory Energy Management Requirements

1. When do corporations need to comply with the mandatory energy management requirements?

Any corporation that is registrable shall register with the National Environment Agency (NEA) within 6 months of qualifying as a registrable corporation, via the online reporting system. 

Upon becoming a registered corporation, the corporation shall appoint at least one energy manager from among its employees. The registered corporation shall notify NEA of the details of the appointed energy manager within 30 days of being registered. The energy manager shall be required to hold a Singapore Certified Energy Manager (Professional Level) certificate issued by the Institution of Engineers (IES), Singapore. 

A registered corporation is required to submit an energy use report and an energy efficiency improvement plan by 30 June of each year. 

Registrable Corporations

1. Who comes under the ambit of the Act? 

A corporation is deemed to be a registrable corporation if it meets the following conditions:
  • it has operational control over a business activity which has attained the energy use threshold (54TJ of energy used per calendar year) in at least 2 of the 3 preceding calendar years; and
  • the business activity is carried out at a single site and is attributable to one of the following sectors:
    • manufacturing and manufacturing-related services;
    • supply of electricity, gas, steam, compressed air and chilled water for air-conditioning; and
    • water supply and sewage and waste management.
    For more details, please refer to Qualifications of Registrable Corporation.

2. My business activity uses both electricity and fuel oil. Does the energy use threshold include both types of energy use?

Yes. The energy use threshold is derived from one or more types of fuel or energy commodities as listed in the First Schedule of Energy Conservation (Registrable Corporations) Order 2013, used to provide or produce energy. This shall not include energy so produced from fuel or other energy commodity already accounted for.

3. There are multiple premises operating under a single corporate entity. Is an energy manager required for each premises exceeding the energy use threshold? Can a single energy manager be appointed for these premises?

At least one qualified energy manager per registered corporation is required. Notwithstanding the above, corporations are encouraged to appoint at least 1 qualified energy manager per premises, so that energy use within each premise can be managed more effectively.

Appointment of Energy Manager

1. What are the requirements of the energy manager?

A registered corporation has to appoint from among its employees at least one energy manager and notify NEA of the appointment of its first energy manager not later than 30 days after registration. With effect from 1 April 2014, all energy managers are required to hold -
  • Singapore Certified Energy Manager (Professional Level) certificate issued by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore; or
  • such other qualification and experience which NEA deems to be substantially equivalent to the above Singapore Certified Energy Manager (Professional Level) certification.

2. When does the company need to inform NEA of the appointment of an energy manager?

The company needs to notify NEA via the online reporting system of every appointment of an energy manager within 30 days of the appointment. Notification of the company's first energy manager shall be within 30 days of being registered.

3. Can external energy manager qualifications be accepted?

Companies may apply in writing to the Director-General of Environmental Protection Division, NEA (Director-General) to seek approval for energy managers with other qualifications to be recognised under the ECA. Documents to be submitted include a copy of certification showing energy manager qualification, copy of university degree or equivalent qualification and written evidence of practical experience in energy management.

4. Are there any grants available for corporations to send staff to the energy manager courses?

Yes, corporations can apply for the SCEM Training Grant administered by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). For more details, please refer to SCEM Training Grant.

5. If the only energy manager in the corporation vacates his appointment, can the position be outsourced to an external consultant?

No. If any energy manager appointed for any reason vacates his appointment,
  • the registered corporation shall within 30 days after the vacation of the appointment, notify the Director-General of that fact; and
  • the registered company shall appoint another energy manager and notify the Director-General of that substitute appointment within 90 days of the previous energy manager's vacation of his appointment.
Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan

1. When do I need to submit the energy efficiency improvement plan?

A registered corporation shall submit an energy efficiency improvement plan by 30 June of each year. For more details, please refer to Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan.

2. Who can submit the information?

The plan shall be submitted via the online reporting system by the energy manager, or other employee performing the energy manager's responsibilities in the event the only energy manager of the registered corporation vacates his appointment. The plan shall be prepared and reviewed by the energy manager and endorsed by the chief executive of the registered corporation.

3. Will amendments to the plan be allowed after submission?

Yes. The corporation may make a change request submission via the online reporting system to request for amendments to be made, should errors be discovered after submission.

4. Will corporations need to submit hard copies of their energy efficiency improvement plans?

No. The reporting system allows corporations to submit their plans online.

5. Are corporations required to meet the targets set out in their energy efficiency improvement plan?

The provision does not require corporations to meet their energy efficiency improvement plan targets but corporations are strongly encouraged to develop robust cost-effective plans with the intention of implementing them. The government will track the level of implementation of such plans over the medium to long term and monitor the adoption rate of energy efficiency measures. The industry will be consulted if the government assesses a need to establish mandatory targets.


1. Are there any incentives available for registrable companies to leverage to improve energy efficiency?

Yes. The energy efficiency incentive schemes that are available include the following:

Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) 
E2F is designed to support companies in the industrial sector to be more energy efficient. It encourages owners and operators of facilities to: 
• Integrate energy and resource efficiency improvements into their development plans early in the design stage; 
• Conduct a detailed energy assessment for their facilities to identify energy efficiency improvement opportunities; and 
• Invest in energy efficient equipment or technologies. 
For more details, please refer to E2F.

Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) Training Grant 
The SCEM Training Grant is a co-funding scheme administered by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to develop local expertise and capability in professional energy management. The scheme is targeted at engineers/ managers who manage manufacturing facilities or provide energy consulting services. 

For more details, please refer to SCEM Training Grant.

2. Are there any platforms for sharing of industrial best practices?

The Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Programme is NEA's platform for corporations to share energy efficiency best practices. NEA encourages all corporations to join the EENP Programme.

3. Does the ECA require registered corporations to be certified to ISO 50001?

Currently, registered corporations are not required to be certified to ISO 50001 standard. However, corporations are encouraged to implement the ISO 50001. The standard enables an organisation to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption.

4. What can I do if I have problems filling up energy use reports and energy efficiency improvement plans in the online energy management system or require assistance?

Each corporation under the Act will have a designated team of NEA officers to assess their energy use report and energy efficiency improvement plans. Most corporations would have met up with them during the industry consultation between March and June 2012 and can approach them for any matters regarding the mandatory energy management requirements. Alternatively, companies can contact the Energy Efficiency Promotion Centre (EEPC), which is a one-stop centre to assist companies in their efforts to comply with the mandatory energy management requirements under the ECA. The EEPC can be contacted at 67319871 or nea_eepc@nea.gov.sg.