Step-by-step guide for industries to improve energy efficiency with NEA's incentives

An array of programmes and incentive schemes is available for companies to tap on to improve on their energy efficiency. This is a step-by-step guide to help companies fully utilise the existing NEA programmes and incentive schemes to improve their energy efficiency.

  1. Join the EENP

    Companies who are new to energy efficiency can join the Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) to receive support in their energy efficiency efforts through learning network activities and energy efficiency-related resources provided. Companies with established energy management systems can also benefit from the EENP by tapping on the preferential rates for energy efficiency courses, recognition scheme and incentives available only to EENP partners.

  2. Apply for Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F)

    The Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) supports the following energy efficiency efforts at industrial facilities - from the efficient design of new facilities or major expansions to operation of industrial facilities:    

    a) Efficient Design of New Facilities and Major Expansions
    b) Energy Assessment
    c) Energy Efficient Equipment or Technologies

  3. Tap on SCEM Training Grant to train energy managers

    It is important for the employees who are overseeing the energy management of any organisation to possess technical skills and competence needed to manage and track energy usage within the organisation they serve. In addition, large energy users in the industry and transport sectors that consume 54 TJ or more energy in two out of the three preceding years are required, under the Energy Conservation Act, to appoint an energy manager to monitor and report energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and submit energy efficiency improvement plans.

    To train employees to be energy managers, companies may tap on the Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) Training Grant which co-funds part of the SCEM training cost (inclusive of one exam fee per module) at the Professional Level.

  4. Be recognised for efforts in energy efficiency        

    Companies who have put in efforts to improve energy efficiency can seek to be recognised for their efforts and achievements by participating in the yearly EENP Awards. The EENP Awards is open to all EENP Partners and consists of three categories of Awards - Excellence in Energy Management, Best Practices, Outstanding Energy Managers of the Year, and Outstanding Energy Service Providers of the Year.