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The industry sector is the largest energy-consuming sector in Singapore.

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) unveiled an Industry Energy Efficiency Roadmap that identifies and prioritizes the technological potential and opportunities to reduce energy use from business-as-usual levels up to 2030. It serves as a reference to provide guidance and insight to policy makers, industry leaders, academia and research institutes and other relevant stakeholders.

More and more companies are adopting energy efficient practices and/or technologies to reduce their energy consumption, as they realise that improving their energy efficiency not only benefits the environment but also boosts the companies’ bottom line and helps the companies remain competitive.

Some ways to improve energy efficiency include designing a new facility efficiently as well as conducting energy assessments, adopting energy management systems and implementing energy efficient projects for existing facilities. View success stories of companies that have undertaken energy efficiency projects under Energy Efficiency Fund.

Companies that wish to build up capability in energy efficiency can also join the Energy Efficiency National Partnership, as well as take advantage of the training and resources available.

Follow our guide to take advantage of the various programmes and incentive schemes for companies to tap on to improve on their energy efficiency.

Lastly, energy-intensive companies in the industrial sector consuming 54TJ of energy or more each year will need to comply with the Mandatory Energy Management Requirements from 2013. To assist companies in their efforts to comply with the mandatory energy management requirements, the Energy Efficiency Promotion Centre (EEPC) was launched in February 2013 to meet companies' needs for improving energy efficiency.