Mandatory Energy Management Requirement


Better energy management leads to improvements in energy efficiency, which minimises energy wastage, improves productivity, cuts costs and reduces Singapore’s reliance on imported fossil fuels. 

Consultations with industry and benchmarking studies undertaken by MEWR/NEA/EDB point to widely varying levels of implementation of energy management among companies in Singapore.  Making energy management practices mandatory will help to focus the attention of senior management on proper energy management.  Laggards that manage energy use poorly will be levelled up.  This will complement existing schemes and capability building programmes, which provide support to companies investing in energy efficiency.

Key Requirements

With effect from 22 April 2013, energy intensive companies in the industrial sector are required under the Energy Conservation Act (ECA) to register with the National Environment Agency (NEA) within 6 months of qualifying as a registrable corporation and to implement mandatory energy management practices.
A corporation is a registrable corporation if it meets the following qualifications:

  • It has operational control over a business activity which has attained the energy use threshold (54TJ of energy used or more per calendar year) in at least 2 out of the 3 preceding calendar years; and
  • The business activity is carried out at a single site and is attributable to one of the following sectors:
    • manufacturing and manufacturing-related services;
    • supply of electricity, gas, steam, compressed air and chilled water for air-conditioning; and
    • water supply and sewage and waste management.

Once registered, corporations will be required to implement the following energy management practices:

  • appoint an energy manager;
  • monitor and report energy use and greenhouse gas emissions annually; and
  • submit energy efficiency improvement plans annually.

The regulations governing these requirements are:

Key Milestones to Note

Register with NEA  Within 6 months after the date on which the company qualifies as a registrable corporation

(e.g. A company that qualifies as a registrable corporation on 31 December 2013 is required to be registered by 30 June 2014.)
Appoint Energy Manager (EM) who holds a Singapore Certified Energy Manager (Professional Level) Certificate Within 30 days of being registered
Submit energy use report and energy efficiency improvement plan By 30 June annually
Preparing Industry for Requirements

To assist companies in their preparations for the requirements, several initiatives in the areas of capability building in energy management, incentive schemes and awareness raising are currently ongoing.

Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP)
Courses and workshops under the EENP Learning Network in areas such as ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standards, energy efficiency best practices and technologies are held regularly to help industry improve their capabilities in energy efficiency and energy management.  Since 2011, a National Energy Efficiency Conference is being held annually as a key Learning Network activity and national energy efficiency awards are being presented to deserving companies to encourage more energy efficiency efforts. More details of the EENP can be found here.

Incentive Schemes
The following incentive schemes are available to support energy efficiency measures by companies.

If you have any enquiries on energy efficiency related matters, please contact Energy Efficiency Promotion Centre (EEPC) at: