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The Enhanced Industry Energy Efficiency Package was announced by Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing at the official opening of the Singapore International Energy Week on 30 October 2018
North West District adopts eight sustainable development goals to contribute to national and global goals of achieving environmental sustainability
Phasing out energy inefficient light bulbs as a first step towards this target, along with enhancements to schemes to help consumers choose energy efficient appliances
EENP Awards 2018 - Group Photo

EENP Awards 2018

Press Releases and Speeches
Ten companies, two energy managers and three public sector organisations received the EENP Awards 2018
Switch and Save – Use LED
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Make the transition towards a low-carbon economy. Take your climate action pledge now!
Twelve companies, two energy services providers, one certified energy manager, two public sector agencies, and two schools received the EENP Awards 2017
Reduce household electricity use by 1% or more and stand to win prizes worth more than $70,000 in total.

NEA Launches ‘Energy-Saving Challenge’

Press Releases and Speeches
The Challenge is a call to households to practise simple energy-saving habits as a way of life to reduce their electricity consumption and contribute to a sustainable environment.
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