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Make the transition towards a low-carbon economy. Take your climate action pledge now!
Reduce household electricity use by 1% or more and stand to win prizes worth more than $70,000 in total.
Join us for an adventure at BiG Day Out 2017 to learn more about our green built environment and how you can play a part to keep it healthy and green!
Co-organised by BCA, JTC and NCCS, this up-coming hackathon focuses on developing innovations that will help create or improve energy efficient environments.
The IES Climate Change Resilience Forum discussed post-COP21 issues, & business & engineering challenges arising from the impact of climate change.
BiG Day Out 2016, which was held on 24 - 26 June 2016, celebrates Singapore's efforts to build a greener, more sustainable built environment.
The Singapore and UK Governments are hosting the 2nd GGBF in 2016 to highlight the opportunities and benefits in low-carbon green growth in Singapore and SEA.
The conference will discuss Singapore’s pledge to stabilise its greenhouse gas emissions around 2030 and how youths can help play a part in achieving this goal.
Register now for the Energy Innovation 2016 on 3 June!
Click here to read more about energy issues, strategies & solutions discussed during the 9th Annual SIEW 2016.
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