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Marina Bay


marina bay

The development of the Marina Bay area has been undertaken on land reclaimed from the sea in the 1970s. This far-sighted planning strategy to provide for the long-term expansion of the city has provided Singapore with a unique competitive advantage, allowing it to tap on the synergy with the existing Central Business District via a seamless extension.

Marina Bay is envisioned as a vibrant 24/7 and sustainable mixed-use district where people live, work, play. Today, development of the area is shaping up well u with several projects substantially completed. These include the first phase of Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, and the Marina Barrage as well as the Fullerton Heritage.

The Marina Bay area has been planned following various sustainability principles. Marina Bay will help Singapore to increase its water supply capacity. A dam has been constructed across the Marina Channel that will act as a tidal barrier to keep out sea water and control flooding. With Marina Barrage, Marina Bay will turn into a freshwater reservoir which will increase water catchment in Singapore and add to the local water supply by 10 per cent.

The concept of ‘white sites’ has been introduced to Marina Bay to allow for a better mix of uses in each development. Mixed-use districts offer residents and office workers greater conveniences by cutting down the need to travel long distances to access amenities and recreational options. Such a strategy also ensures that vibrancy can be better sustained.

A comprehensive public transport network is planned to serve the area, allowing commuters to be within an average of five-minute walk to their destination. All new developments are also required to achieve a minimum Green Mark Standard of Platinum or Goldplus and to incorporate sky rise greenery and ground level communal landscaped areas equivalent to the site area of the development.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority works closely with the various government agencies, including the Building and Construction Authority, National Parks Board, Land Transport Authority, Public Utilities Board and National Environmental Agency as well as the National University of Singapore to identify new ideas and solutions to further enhance the sustainability of Marina Bay.

For more information on Marina Bay, please refer to the following website: http://www.marina-bay.sg/