EENP Awards 2018 - Industry Energy Efficiency Sharing Session

Programme - 11 October 2018




EENP Awards Ceremony

0900 –1000

Opening Remarks by GOH: Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources

EENP Awards Presentation

Excellence in Energy Management
Speaker: Mr Goh Yong Tai, BASF South East Asia Pte Ltd
BASF's Roadmap to ISO 50001 Certified EnMS 
(3.77 MB)

1000 -1045

Morning Networking Break & Engagement with Exhibitors


Industry Energy Efficiency Sharing Session

1045 – 1135

Plenary Session: Industrial Energy Efficiency - Inspiration from the achievers


Speaker 1: Mr Andrew Hejnar, 3M Canada - Brockville Plant  

3M Energy Management (3.31 MB)


Speaker 2: Mr Katsuta Masashi, F-Tech Inc. Japan - Kameyama Plant 

From Japan to the World! Energy management evolution by utilising group common EnMS (4.02 MB)

1135 – 1150

Interactive Quiz 1

1150 – 1310

Networking Lunch & Engagement with Exhibitors


Breakout Session 1A: Energy efficiency in industrial systems - Identifying opportunities through experienced eyes

Breakout Session 1B: Energy efficiency optimisation practices - Gaining insights from the local best

1310 – 1515

Speaker 1: Mr Immanuel Edward J A, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore

Switch from Hot to Cold for Post Chemical DI Water Rinse - A Low Carbon Innovative Process (1.94 MB)


Speaker 2: Dr Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan, Pro-Plus Engineering PLLC

Industrial Energy Efficiency; Challenges, Vision, Benefits and Roadmap (1.41 MB)

Speaker 3: Mr Tom Taranto, Data Power Services (United States)
Critical Elements of a Compressed Air System Assessment 
(1.41 MB)

Speaker 4: Mr Peter Rumsey, Point Energy Innovations
How to cut cooling energy costs in half - An introduction to efficient chilled water systems in industrial facilities 
(2.88 MB)

Speaker 1:  Mr Benjamin Tan, Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore

Overcoming situational seawater fouling for sustaining energy efficiency with innovative solutions (3.42 MB)

Speaker 2 & 3: Mr Lee Kim Leng, HPSingapore & Mr C.V. Kumar, BBP 

Chiller plant optimisation and data driven continuous performance improvement without replacing any existing chiller plant room equipment (2.37 MB)


Speaker 4: Mr Winsley Hitie, Wieland Metals (S)
Energy Efficiency Improvement of Compressed Air System through Process Optimisation and Waste Elimination (3.45 MB)

Speaker 5: Mr Derrick Tay Kuan Sen, Singapore Methyl Methacrylate 
Overall Incinerator Fuel Optimisation 
(1.47 MB)

Speaker 6: Mr Alex Gan, Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing
GSK Energy Efficiency practices in Utilities Operations and Capital Projects Implementation 
(1.88 MB)

1515 – 1530

Interactive Quiz 2

1530 – 1605

Networking Break & Engagement with Exhibitors


Breakout Session 2A: Energy management - Do it the smart way

Breakout Session 2B: Industrial Energy Efficiency - New ideas & solutions 

1605 – 1730

Speaker 1: Dr Prasad Kanneganti, Pfizer Asia Pacific 

Virtual Metering Technology - Smart Energy Management for Utilities Monitoring and Intelligent Analysis of Manufacturing Process Towards Energy and Water Efficiency 
(3.33 MB)


Speaker 2: Dr Philippe Buchet, ENGIE Lab

Digitalisation of Industrial Plants - Industry 4.0: Perspectives and Contribution to Energy Efficiency & Energy Transition (3.21 MB)

Speaker 3: Mr Norman Lee, Actsys Process Management
How to always recognise and harvest energy efficiency low hanging fruits in a sustained way 
(1.54 MB)

Speaker 1:  Mr Choong Chow Neng, G-Energy Global

Achieving energy efficiency through Data Analytics (3.27 MB)

Speaker 2 - 4: Mr Jonas Berge, Emerson Automation Solutions Singapore, Ms Cecilia Goh, Denka Chemicals & Mr Sivarajan, Chevron Oronite 

Digital Transformation Improving Energy Efficiency and Reducing Emissions [Part 1 (1.08 MB), Part 2 (991KB)


Speaker 5: Mr Chintan Soni, Ecolibrium Energy
Creating Factories of the Future using IoT powered Energy Management and Maintenance Technology (1.79 MB)


End of Event