Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

Day 1 - 09 October 2013


09 October 2013

0900 - 1000

Opening Ceremony cum Presentation of EENP Awards 2013
Guest of Honour: Ms Grace Fu, Minister, Prime Minister's Office; Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Second Minister for Foreign Affairs

Speech by Ms Grace Fu

1000 - 1030

Morning Networking Break

1030 - 1140

Keynote Presentation
Sustainable Energy Management

Speaker: Aidan Lynam (Holcim Group Support Ltd)
Creating a Lean Energy Culture with Sustainability

Moderator: Dr Elspeth Thomson (ESI)

Notes and Summary

1140 - 1210

Plenary Session 1
Solar Power as Part of a Sustainable Energy Strategy

Speaker: Prof Armin Arbele (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
Solar power - Assisting the drive towards energy efficiency

Moderator: Dr Elspeth Thomson (ESI)

Notes and Summary

 1210 - 1330


 1330 - 1450

Plenary Session 2
Making Energy Efficiency Sustainable

Speaker 1: Peter Halliday (Siemens Building Technologies)
Key Elements Towards a Sustainable and Profitable Business Solution for Energy Efficiency

Speaker 2: Harsh Choudhary (McKinsey and Company)
Common challenges in Energy Efficiency Transformations and how to address them

Speaker 3: Vinod Kesava (The GreenAsia Group)
Integrative Design for High Performance

Moderator: Nilesh Jadhav (ERI@N)

Notes and Summary


Breakout Session 1


1450 - 1550

Track 1A: Case Studies in Energy Management Excellence

Speaker 1: Muthusamy Ravichandran (Nestle Singapore)
Nestle Jurong Factory - Excel in Energy Management

Speaker 2: Andre van Schuijlenburg
(Asia Pacific Breweries)
Excellence in Energy Management

Speaker 3: Lee Kim Fatt (GLOBALFOUNDRIES)
Driving Energy Efficiency

Moderator: Ken Hickson (SASA)

Notes and Summary

Track 1B: Best Practices in Energy (Optimisation projects)

Speaker 1: Kaisar Hassan (ExxonMobil Chemical)
Model Predictive Control to optimisation for Ethylene / Propylene

Speaker 2: Jacky Chaberty (Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide)
Nitrogen Compression Optimisation

Moderator: Tan Li Yen (NEA)

Track 1C: Energy Efficiency in High Technology Facilities - Laboratories and Cleanrooms

Speaker 1: Gordon P. Sharp (Aircuity, Inc)
Slashing Laboratory Building Energy Use in Singapore by up to 50%

Speaker 2: Danielle Marie Griego (ERI@N)
Opportunities to Advance Laboratory Energy Efficiency in Singapore and the Tropics

Speaker 3: Bharath Seshadri (ERI@N)
Scientific Planning and Support for High Performance Building Design: A Case Study of Cleantech Two

Moderator: Melissa Low (ESI)

Notes and Summary

 1550 - 1620

 Afternoon Networking


 Breakout Session 2

 1620 - 1720

  Track 2B: Best Practices in Energy Efficiency (Installation of tri-gen & Waste heat recovery)

Speaker 1: Chew Siou Ping (GSK Vaccines)
GSK Trigeneration & Boiler Optimisation Project

Speaker 2: Ang Kwok Lek (Asia Pacific Breweries)
Heat Recovery from Wort Boiling

Kwong Kok Chan (Senoko Energy)

Notes and Summary
Track 2C: Energy Efficiency in High Technology Facilities - Data Centres

Speaker 1: Ed Ansett (i3 Solutions Group)
The Datacentre Energy Waterfall: Opportunities to Improve Energy Efficiency in Facilities from Utilities to Processor

Speaker 2: Ryan Ngei (3M Singapore)
3M's Liquid Immersion Cooling reduces 45% of Electrical Bills in Data Centres

Moderator: Arvind Verma (IDA)

Notes and Summary
Day 2 - 10 October 2013


10 October 2013

0900 - 0955

Plenary Session 3
Energy Management Information Systems

Speaker 1: Malavika Jain Bambawale (Accenture)
The role of energy management information systems in energy efficiency

Speaker 2: Li Huishi (KBC Advanced Technology)
Energy Management Information Systems: Four Element for Improving Energy Performance 

Moderator: Prof Toh Kok Chuan (ERI@N)
Notes and Summary

0955 - 1025

Morning Networking Break

1025 - 1210

Plenary Session 4
Energy Efficiency Financing

Speaker 1: Glen Plumbridge (Sustainable Development Capital (Asia) Limited
Financing Energy Efficiency

Speaker 2 & 3: Harvey Koenig & Rahul Kar (KPMG in Singapore)
Financial modelling to evaluate energy efficiency options, and using risk sharing and R&D incentives to improve financial viability of projects

Speaker 4: Kavita Gandhi (Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS)
Enabling Operational Cost Savings for SME's through Energy Efficiency 

Moderator: Shiva Susarla (ESI)

Notes and Summary

1210 - 1335



Breakout Session 3


1350 - 1440

Track 3A: Setting up a Sustainable Energy Management System

Speaker 1: Toh Kok Chuan (NTU) 
ISO Energy Management Standards and the Energy Conservation Act

Speaker 2 & 3: Joyce Tan and Joseph Mok (Kim Heng Marine & Oilfield)
Successful Implementation of ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Moderator: Melissa Low (ESI)

Notes and Summary
Track 3B: Best Practices in Energy Efficiency (Heat Recovery / Heat Integration)

Speaker 1: Mark Jelpke (Lucite International Singapore)
Retrofitting a Heat Integration Scheme

Speaker 2: Chew Wei Kang (NatSteel Holdings)
Installation of ORC for Waste Heat Recovery

Moderator: Prof Andrew Tay (NUS)

Notes and Summary
Track 3C: Energy Auditing Case Studies Part 1

Speaker 1: Norman Lee (Actsys Process Management Consultants)
Troubleshooting Excessive Energy Consumption of a Poorly Performing Process

Speaker 2 & 3: Lee Thompson and Peter Stulen (Hertel Group)
Climate Protection with Rapid Payback

Moderator: Kwek Chin Hin (NEA)

Notes and Summary

 Breakout Session 4

 1440 - 1540

Track 4A: Energy Management in Organisations

Speaker 1: Yee Chow (Accenture)
Driving Energy Management Transformation in Singapore

Speaker 2: Yap Chee Peng (3M Singapore)
3M Singapore Energy Management Program - A 3M Woodlands Plant case study

Moderator: Chong Teng Sheng (NEA)

Notes and Summary
Track 4B: Best Practices in Energy Efficiency (Process Chillers & Chilled Water System)

Speaker 1: Andy Tan (UMC, Singapore Branch) 
Solid-state Type Chiller

Speaker 2: Ero Rodjio (Ascendas Services)
Greening the Concrete Jungle

Nilesh Jadhav (ERI@N)
Notes and Summary
Track 4C: Energy Auditing Case Studies Part 2

Speaker 1: Chee Chi Keong (G-Energy Global)
Upgrading of ammonia refrigeration system for NCS Cold Stores

Speaker 2: Lim Say Leong (ABB)
Formidable tasks of improving an energy efficient system made easy with synchronous reluctance motor combined with standard VSD

Moderator: Roland Tan (NEA)

Notes and Summary

 1540 - 1610

 Afternoon Networking Break

 1610 - 1700

Closing Plenary Session
Overview of key learning points and opportunities

Disussion Panel with Moderators from Various Sessions

Main Moderator: Dr Elspeth Thomson (ESI)

Notes and Summary