National Energy Efficiency Conference (NEEC) 2017

Day 1 Programme


Day 1 – 5 October 2017

1000 – 1015

Opening Ceremony

Guest of Honour: Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources


Speech by Mr Masagos Zulkifli


1015 – 1105

Opening Plenary Session: Why Place Energy Efficiency at the Forefront of Corporate Strategy


Speaker 1: Er. Lucas Ng Hong Kiang (Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore)

Why Place Energy Efficiency at the Forefront of Corporate Strategy


Speaker 2: Samuel Thomas (International Energy Agency)

Energy Efficiency 2017


Notes and Summary

1105 - 1140

EENP Awards Ceremony

1140 – 1300

Lunch / Networking Session / Exhibitions

1300 – 1430

Plenary Session 1: Maximising the benefits of energy efficiency measures with an effective energy management system


Speaker 1: Bhaskar Venkatraman (ExxonMobil - Singapore Chemical Plant)

ExxonMobil Global-Energy Management System


Speaker 2: Soo Ming Hwa (Shimano Singapore Pte Ltd)

Shimano’s Journey in Energy Management Excellence


Speaker 3: Alex Chan (Regional Head, Schneider Electric Hong Kong)

Achieving greenhouse gas reduction goals through active energy management


Speaker 4: Sumit Sikdar ( Jacobs Engineering Singapore )

Jacobs Energy Efficiency Programmes & Capabilities


Moderator: A/P Ho Hiang Kwee ( NCCS)


Notes and Summary


1430 – 1500

Afternoon Networking Break

1500 – 1635

                                                  Breakout Session 1

Breakout Track 1A: Don’t let your margins vapourise – Energy Efficiency for the Energy and Chemical Sector


Speaker 1: Ong Lih Ren (Shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd – Shell Jurong Island)

Energy Savings using two-stage flashing


Speaker 2: Ng Wai Chee (Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore)

Improve thermal efficiency of fired process cracking furnaces  


Speaker 3: Rangaswamy Premkumar (Eastman Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd)

Distribution system upgrade for hydrogenation reactor optimisation and energy efficiency improvement


Speaker 4: Normal Lee (Actsys Process Management Consultants Pte Ltd)

Chemical engineers working in power plants – huh???  


Moderator : Prof Iftekhar Abubakar Karimi (NUS)


Notes and Summary


Breakout Track 1B: Staying competitive with energy efficiency – the SME advantage



Speaker 1: Ho Kok Pin (Ardentec Singapore)

The benefits of being an early adopter of energy efficiency  


Speaker 2:  Kwong Kok Chan (PacificLight Power)

Experience in energy management at PacificLight power station


Speaker 3: Dr Jahangeer K Abdul Halim (LJ Energy)

Successful SME case studies in energy efficiency


Moderator : Mr Yeo Kim Dek (SDCL)


Notes and Summary

1640 - 1700

Closing Plenary


Moderator : Prof Toh Kok Chuan (NTU)

Moderators of the day engage in a discussion on the key learning points from day one’s sessions.



Day 2 Programme


Day 2 – Friday 6 October 2017

0900 – 0950

Plenary Session 2: Improving energy efficiency of common industrial systems


Speaker 1: Rohit Gadre (DNV-GL Singapore)

Common industrial equipment and systems in Singapore: How energy efficient are they ?


Speaker 2: Mark Stevens (AMCA International)

Global fan energy efficiency regulations and technological developments


Speaker 3: Carsten Ederer (ebm-papst SEA Pte Ltd)

Ascertaining efficiency for air-side equipment


Moderator: Normal Lee (Actsys Process Management Consultants)


Notes and Sumaary


1030 - 1100

Morning Networking Break

1100 - 1215

Plenary Session 3: Data analytics for energy efficiency: actionable insights on reducing energy waste


Speaker 1: Damian Chua ( EDB)

Achieving Long-term Competitiveness & Sustainability – Energy Efficiency through Advanced Manufacturing


Speaker 2: Harsh Choudhry ( McKinsey & Company Singapore)

Baselining to advanced analytics – end to end energy management with 3 tool s


Speaker 3: Lee Cha Kun ( ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)

Real-time-optimisation at the ExxonMobil Singapore Refinery


Moderator : Ken Hickson (SASA)


Notes and Summary


1215– 1345

Lunch / Networking Session / Exhibitions

1345 – 1500


Breakout Session 2

Breakout Track 2A: Beyond low-hanging fruit for energy efficiency in the electronics and pharmaceutical sectors


Speaker 1: Avtar Singh (MSD International GmbH)

Strategies and success factors in achieving energy efficiency in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment


Speaker 2 : Ted Chen ( Evercomm)

Developing artificial intelligence (AI) for energy efficiency


Speaker 3: Nagarajan Balamurugan ( NTU)

Insights from an energy efficiency benchmarking study on laboratorie s


Moderator : Lee Soon Kiat (GlobalFoundries)


Notes and Summary


Breakout Track 2B: Improving energy efficiency of industrial systems


Speakers 1 & 2: C.V Kumar (Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd) & Alexander Amirtham (DCP (Sentosa) Pte Ltd)

Continuous improvements through Retro-commissioning, real-time monitoring, data analytics and performance contracting- Case Study at DCP Sentosa  


Speaker 3: Benjamin Lai (Kaer Pte Ltd)

“Air-conditioning as a service”: What is it and why all the hype ?


Moderator: Mr Desmond Li (EDB)


Notes and Summary

1500- 1530

Afternoon Tea Break / Networking Session (30mins)


1530– 1640


Breakout Session 3

Breakout Track 3A: Getting a slice of the energy efficiency pie – EE for the food manufacturing sector


Speaker 1 : Kyaw Kyaw Zin (Fuji Oil)

Energy Saving Ice Condensation Vacuum System at Refinery Plant


Speaker 2: Eric Chew (Nestle Singapore)

Waste heat recovery from boiler flue gas by installing condensing economiser for Loos boiler


Speaker 3: Frédéric Crampé ( BeeBryte)
How artificial intelligence enables smart energy management for HVAC – applied to the food manufacturing industry


Moderator: Dr Lal Jayamaha (LJ Energy)


Notes and Summary

Breakout Track 3B: Emerging technologies


Speaker 1: Dr Thomas Reindl (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore)

The economics of solar PV in Singapore


Speaker 2: William Tan (Rolls Royce Singapore)

Rolls-Royce Singapore’s solar PV journe y


Speaker 3: Ng Eng Sin (JTC Corporation)

JTC’s SolarRoof Story – Overcoming industrial infrastructure challenges to catalyse the growth of solar energy


Moderator: Dr. Christophe Inglin (Energetix)


Notes and Summary

1645 – 1715

Closing Plenary Session: Overview of key learning points and opportunities from the NEEC 2017


Discussion Panel with moderators from various sessions


Moderator: Ken Hickson (SASA)


Notes and Summary


End of Event