National Energy Efficiency Conference (NEEC) 2012 Programme



0800 - 0900

Registration / Exhibits Open

0900 - 0910

Welcome Remarks by CEO (NEA)

0910 - 1020

Keynote Presentations
Energy Efficiency as a Business Opportunity

Speaker 1: Mr Jim Kelly (Group Vice President, Head of Energy Efficiency, ABB)
Industrial Energy Efficiency - Doing more with less (PDF, 1.38MB)

Speaker 2: Mr Juan Aguiriano (Worldwide Managing Director, Sustainable Operations, DuPont Sustainable Solutions)
Energy Efficiency - A Sustainability Journey (PDF, 1.26MB)

Moderator: Dr Elspeth Thomson (ESI)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 288KB)

1020 - 1050

Morning Break / Networking Session

1050 - 1250

Morning Plenary Session 1
Driving Energy Efficiency – Public and Private Sector Perspectives

Speaker 1: Mr Chiu Wen Tung (EDB)
Overview of Energy Efficiency in Singapore (PDF, 798KB)

Speaker 2: Mr Paul Westbrook (Texas Instruments)
Energy Management in Texas Instruments (PDF, 2.02MB)

Speaker 3: Mr Cheong Kok Onn (GSK)
Driving Energy Efficiency – Private Sector Perspectives

Speaker 4: Mr Ynse De Boer (Accenture)
Sustainable Energy for All (PDF, 1.32MB)

Moderator: Mr Tang Tuck Weng (NCCS)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 322KB)

1250 - 1400

Lunch /Exhibition

Breakout Track A

1400 - 1500

Track 1A: Benchmarking and Optimisation

Speaker 1: Mr Tim Shire (KBC)
Unlocking Energy & Water Synergies in Petrochemical Clusters

Speaker 2: Mr Lau Tai Hwee (Tuas Power)
Power Plant Thermodynamic Performance Monitoring (PDF, 1.24MB)

Moderator: Mr Norman Lee (Actsys)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 228KB)

Track 2A: Energy Efficiency Transformation

Speaker 1: Dr Chai Kah-Hin (NUS)
Fifth Fuel Project (PDF, 1.73MB)

Speaker 2: Mr Thomas Koch Blank (McKinsey)
Integrated Energy Strategy – How to capture 20% - 30% savings in energy (PDF, 781KB)

Moderator: Dr Tilak K. Doshi (ESI)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 260KB)

1500 - 1530

Tea Break / Networking Session


Breakout Track B

1530 - 1700

Track 1B: Energy Management Tools

Speaker 1: Dr Ken Somers (McKinsey)
Energy Efficiency - From diagnostic to implementation (PDF, 1.12MB)

Speaker 2: Ms Nor Amie Bt Izahar (Petronas Chemicals MTBE Malaysia)
Energy Management System (PDF, 389KB)

Speaker 3: Ms Cara Quinn (Accenture)
Making sense of Energy Management Systems - The role of energy management systems in energy efficiency (PDF, 1.95MB)

Moderator: Mr Steffen Endler (Siemens)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 340KB)

Track2B: System Energy Efficiency

Speaker1: Mr Pete Tin (Greenpower Asia)
Improve EnergyEfficiency & Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission - Fuji Oil Cogeneration Plant Development Activities (PDF, 887KB)

Speaker 2 & 3: Mr Foo Yang Kwang (SDC) / Mr Yeoh Teong Wah (ABB)
District Cooling - The challenge of continual improvement on energy efficiency through a case study (PDF, 2.36MB)

Speaker 4: Mr Anand Menon (Siemens)
Optimisation of Power Distribution for Energy Efficiency in the Grid - Trends, Experiences, Outlook (PDF, 1.50MB)

Moderator: Dr Christopher Yap (NUS)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 302KB)



0800 - 0900

Registration / Exhibits Open

0900 - 1000

Morning Plenary Session 2
Developing Singapore's EE Capabilities Part 1

Speaker 1: Mr James Scott Brew (RMI)
Reinventing Fire - Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era (PDF, 4.41MB)

Speaker 2: Mr Tsoi Mun Heng (NRF)
Energy National Innovation Challenge (PDF, 3.63MB)

Moderator: Dr Elspeth Thomson (ESI)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 312KB)

1000 - 1030

Morning Break / Networking Session

1030 - 1200

MorningPlenary Session 3
Developing Singapore's EE Capabilities Part 2

Speaker 1: Prof Chou Siaw Kiang (NUS)
Teaching Energy Efficiency - Context, Concepts and Challenges (PDF, 851KB)

Speaker 2: Dr Mads D Lauritzen (McKinsey)
The Green Campus - How to turn energy efficiency into competitive advantage (PDF, 3.33MB)

Speaker 3: Mr Kwek Chin Hin (NEA)
Energy Conservation Act and SCEM Programme (PDF, 993KB)

Moderator: Prof Michael Quah (NUS)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 280KB)

1200 - 1330

Lunch / Exhibition

Breakout Track A

1330 - 1440

Track 3A: Best Practices & Success Stories Part 1

Speaker 1: Mr Ng Chye-Ming (Total)
Energy Efficiency Enhances Profitability

Speaker 2 & 3: MrEdmund Wong & Lee Tze Wei(Natsteel)
Electric Arc Furnace Energy Efficiency

Speaker 4: Mr Lee Kok-Onn (Shell)
Replacement of Existing Steam Driven Turbine with High Speed Motor Driven for Recycle Gas Compressor

Moderator: Mr Nilesh Y Jadhav (NTU)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 326KB)

Track 4A: Integrative Design for Energy Efficiency

Speaker 1:The Green AsiaGroup
Experience at United World College

Speaker 2: MrPaul Westbrook (Texas Instruments)
Integrated Design (PDF, 1.05MB)

Moderator: DrChandra Sekhar (NUS)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 303KB)

1440 - 1450


Breakout Track B

1450 - 1600

Track 3B:Best Practices & Success Stories Part 2

Speaker 1:ErLim Say Leong (ABB)
Neophobia Challenges for Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Market (PDF, 1.92MB)

Speaker 2: MrLow Kin Peng (SSW)
Replacement of Lightings at Siltronic Samsung Wafer

Moderator: MrRam Bhaskar (NEA)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 272KB)
Track4B:Data Centre Energy Efficiency

Speaker1:Mr Dieter Brack (Director, Solution Design, Green Datacenter AG)
TheEnergy-efficientDC-powered Data Center (PDF, 3.98MB)

Speaker 2: MrRobert Pe (HP)
Data CentreEnergy Efficiency - Operating for Optimisation (PDF, 1.28MB)

Moderator: Prof Toh Kok Chuan (NTU)

Notes and Summary (PDF, 280KB)

1600 - 1630

Tea Break / Networking Session

1630 - 1700

Closing Plenary Session
Overview of Key Learning Points and Opportunities (PDF, 347KB)

Moderators: Mr Ken Hickson (SASA) and Selected Moderators from Plenary Sessions and Breakout Tracks

Notes and Summary (PDF, 376KB)