National Energy Efficiency Conference (NEEC) 2015

Day 1 – 06 October 2015


06 October 2015

0900 – 1000

Opening Ceremony cum Presentation of EENP Awards 2015
Guest of Honour : Dr Amy Khor, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources

Speech by Dr Amy Khor

1000 – 1030

Morning Networking Break

1030 – 1120

Keynote Presentations
Energy efficiency strategies and volatile energy prices

Speaker 1 : Dr Stefan Schmitt (ThyssenKrupp AG)
Energy efficiency measures in an evolving landscape of regulations (Why it is important and how we approached it)

Speaker 2 : Hakan Erdamar (Emerson Climate Technologies)
Crossing the (energy) chasm : Strategies for today's manufacturing industry

Moderator: Dr Elspeth Thomson (ESI)

Notes and Summary

1120 – 1235

Plenary Session 1
Energy management excellence

Speaker 1 : James Day (Lumileds Singapore Pte Ltd)
 Energy conservation program

Speaker 2 : John Smith (MSD International GmbH (Singapore Branch))
MSD´s Energy management system, target, achievements and challenges

Speaker 3 : Jagadish CV (Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company Pte Ltd)
Journey of energy efficient operations – A systematic approach

Moderator : Ken Hickson (SASA)

Notes and Summary

1235 – 1400


1400 – 1525

Breakout Session 1

Track 1A : Developing an energy efficiency culture

Speaker 1 : Nilesh Y Jadhav (Energy Research Institute @ NTU)
EcoCampus Initiative

Speaker 2 : Norman Lee (Actsys Process Management Consultants Pte Ltd )
The Good, Bad and Ugly of organisations for energy efficiency

Speaker 3 : Kathleen Gaffney (DNV GL)
Improving industrial energy efficiency investment by establishing an energy culture

Moderator : Ken Hickson (SASA)

Notes and Summary

Track 1B : Financing energy efficiency and solar power

Speakers 1 & 2 : Peter Lau (Sustainable Development Capital (Asia) Limited) & Shahril Bin Hj Jaffar (Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Singapore)
External financing an energy efficiency project is easier than ever! A case study : Panasonic and SDCL

Speaker 3 : Samridh Goyal (Solar Horizon Pte Ltd)
Making sense of solar leasing

Speaker 4 : Dr Kelvin Tan (DNV GL)
The role of third-party verification in energy efficiency

Moderator : Dr Liu Xiying (ESI)

Notes and Summary

1525 – 1555

Afternoon Networking Break

1555 – 1710

Breakout Session 2

Track 2A : Chemicals sector energy efficiency

Speaker 1 : Dr Benjamin Harris (Lucite International Singapore Limited)
Large-scale industrial heat recovery: Use of mechanical vapour compression on Lucite International's Alpha MMA process

Speaker 2 : Ario Sukotjo (Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.)
Revamping solvent recovery process for energy saving

Speaker 3 : Jonas Berge (Emerson Process Management)
Plant modernisation for energy efficiency and loss control

Moderator : Prof Quah, Cheng-Guan Michael (NUS)

Notes and Summary

Track 2B : Food manufacturing sector energy efficiency

Speaker 1 : Dr Jahangeer K. Abdul Halim (LJ Energy Pte Ltd)
Energy efficiency benchmarking study of food manufacturing plants in Singapor

Speaker 2 : Muthusamy Ravichandran (Nestle Singapore (Pte) Ltd)
Retrofit of energy efficient thermo vapor recompressor (TVR) for multiple effect evaporator

Speaker 3 : Salim Mirza (DNV GL)
Food manufacturing sector energy efficiency

Moderator : Looi Wah Loong (NEA)

Notes and Summary

Day 2 - 07 October 2015


07 October 2015

0900 – 0905

Plenary Session 2
Trends in energy efficiency and solar power

Speaker 1 : Christophe Inglin (Energetix Pte Ltd)
Recent trends in solar applications

Speaker 2 : Harsh Choudhry (McKinsey & Company)
Innovations in energy efficiency

Moderator : Ken Hickson (SASA)

Notes and Summary

0950 – 1020

Morning Networking Break

1020 – 1200

Plenary Session 3
Energy efficiency standards and policies

Speaker 1 : Kwek Chin Hin (National Environment Agency)
Energy use reports and energy efficiency improvement plans 2014

Speaker 2 : Ho Hiang Kwee (Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore)
Energy standards and energy efficiency improvement
Co-author: Prof Toh Kok Chuan | ERI@N

Speaker 3 : Daniel Liang (Copper Alliance Asia)
High efficiency motors: Standards and solutions

Moderator : Prof Quah, Cheng-Guan Michael (NUS)

Notes and Summary

1200 – 1330


1330 – 1445

Breakout Session 3

Track 3A : Tools and methodologies to support energy efficiency

Speaker 1 : Adrian Bukmanis (Teale Asia)
Overcoming the challenges of delivering EMIS

Speaker 2 : Lim Hock Wee (SIMTech)
Manufacturing energy efficiency – Trends & opportunities

Speaker 3: Leong Hon Mun (Yokogawa Electric International Pte Ltd)
Achieving a sustainable approach to utilities optimisation through a phased implementation methodology

Moderator : Prof Toh Kok Chuan (ERI@N)

Notes and Summary

Track 3B : Improving energy efficiency of industrial systems

Speaker 1 : Dr Gunnar Hovstadius (Gunnar Hovstadius Consulting, LLC)
The system approach – Opportunities in pump system energy efficiency

Speaker 2: Dr Philippe Buchet (ENGIE)
Energy efficiency for industrial boiler houses –State of art and latest innovations

Speaker 3 : Ramon Llamas (Keppel DHCS)
Delivering energy efficient cooling solutions

Moderator : Shrikant Krishnaji Joshi (PCS)

Notes and Summary

1445 – 1545

Breakout Session 4

Track 4A : Industrial case studies

Speaker 1 : Shawn Chew (Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd)
Installation of HydroCOM for capacity control in 4303-JB make-up gas compressor

Speaker 2 : Anand Ariyarathinam (Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.)
Energy conservation enhancement via process design optimisation

Speaker 3 : Vijay Venugopal (Applied Materials)
Improving energy efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing equipment: Current best practices and future opportunities

Moderator : Roland Tan (NEA)

Notes and Summary

Track 4B : Emerging technologies

Speaker 1 : Dr Alessandro Romagnoli (Nanyang Technological University)
Waste heat recovery in industrial processes via thermal energy storage

Speaker 2 : Prof Hellwig Runa Tabea (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), NUS)
Solar thermal applications for industrial process heat in the tropics: Prospects and challenges
Co-authors: Dr M Arifeen Wahed |SERIS;
Monika Bieri | SERIS

Moderator : Dr Christopher Yap (NUS)

Notes and Summary

1545 – 1615

Afternoon Networking Break

1615 – 1700

Closing Plenary Session
Overview of key learning points and opportunities from the NEEC 2015

Discussion Panel with Moderators from Various Sessions

Main Moderator : Ken Hickson (SASA)

Notes and Summary